Here’s a story of how Amy’s Guarantee helped a client get out of a pinch.

You’ve probably heard about Amy’s Guarantee for years through our ads: If we can’t sell your house, we will buy it. What does that mean, and do we really do it? I wanted to share a recent story with you so you understand what we do here and what makes us so different.

We were working with a couple who wanted to purchase their dream home. They wanted something bigger and closer to their work, but they had to sell their old home first. We made a contingent offer on their dream home, and even though we’re in a seller’s market, the seller agreed to our offer. However, that meant we had to sell my clients’ home fast.

“We didn’t want to see them lose their dream home.”

They prepped the home beautifully; we must have had 40 showings before they accepted an offer. We weren’t hearing great things from the buyer’s lender, and sure enough, their financing fell through, ending the contract. Our clients were in trouble of losing their dream home, so we stepped in and bought their old house.

We closed on their house in eight days, which let them close on their dream home in time. This isn’t typically how we do it, but it needed to be done. Our clients did everything right, so we didn’t want to see them lose their dream home. 

Thankfully, because of our experience and marketing, we don’t usually have to buy our client’s homes, but if we need to, we will. If you are looking to buy, sell, or just ask some questions about real estate, feel free to call or email me. Happy holidays!