Here’s how we help you price your home correctly for the current market.

The media, real estate agents, buyers, and just about everyone else have been saying what a strong seller’s market we’re currently in, and it’s true. Due to the lack of inventory and strong buyer demand, home prices have substantially increased in our area. This is a great opportunity for sellers, but they should avoid one main pitfall.

“Setting your house’s price too high helps to sell other properties on the market.”

One service we provide is informing sellers of their home’s value by evaluating recent market data and comparing their houses to others that are for sale or have sold recently. We can then establish a price range for the property with which the seller is comfortable. However, some sellers want to push the market and raise their asking price. Occasionally that works, but often buyers and their agents realize the price is too high and choose to purchase another home. Setting your house’s price too high helps to sell other properties on the market, which is not what we want. 

If we price your home aggressively without overpricing it, we can get you multiple offers, which drives up the price due to buyers competing for it. This is why you should hire a Realtor to help sell your house; we will thoroughly go over all the different strategies and find the one you’re most comfortable with that also helps achieve your goals. 

Call or email us today for a free consultation or if you have any questions about pricing your property or real estate in general. We would love to help you.