If you need to buy and sell in this market, I have a solution for you.

How can my team’s new home trade-in program help you?

If you’re looking to purchase a new home but have to sell your current home too, you have the option of making an offer on a home you like, but that offer will be contingent on your current home selling first. In this seller’s market, sellers are generally being presented with anywhere from 20 to 30 offers after listing. If one of those offers is dependent upon another house selling (that isn’t even on the market yet), they’ll probably accept a different one from the myriad of other buyers who’ve already sold their current homes. 

You can also put your home on the market now, sell it, and then look for your next home. The problem, though, is that makes you a buyer in a seller’s market. We’re seeing buyers take longer to secure their new homes because, as I mentioned, they’re competing with 20 to 30 other offers at a time. We’ve heard of people in this situation staying in campers, with relatives, or in extended-stay hotels because they can’t quite get into their next home yet or the process is taking longer than they thought.

“The expenses, stress, and hassle of making a double move aren’t fun.”

The expenses, stress, and hassle of making a double move aren’t fun. Moving once is painful enough. Moving twice is doubly painful.

That’s why my team and I created this program. Go to our website, click on “List With Us,” give us your information, and we’ll call you right away to schedule a consultation where we’ll discuss all of your selling options. If you decide that our home trade-in program makes the most sense, we’ll buy your current home from you. You’ll be able to close quickly and free up all that equity so you can make an offer on your new home without any contingencies. Also, get this: After you secure your new home, we’ll let you stay in your old home for up to 90 days so that you don’t have to make that costly, stressful double move. 

We’ve been watching this seller’s market, and there are a lot of good things happening, but some unfortunate things are happening as well. If this home trade-in program can help just one person not have to make a double move and undergo what others have had to undergo, that’s what my team and I will do. 

If you have questions about this program or are interested in taking advantage of it, don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I’d love to hear from you.