If you’re an investor and you’d like to add to your portfolio, either with more rentals or with a fix-and-flip property, I have great news.

We have several opportunities just like this available, and we’re adding investors daily to our list who want to have the inside scoop on properties that are perfect for these types of investments.

“It’s our pleasure to help local investors grow their business.”

To have your name added to this list, just email me your name, contact information, the price range you’d buy in, whether you’d pay in cash or use a loan, and whether you’d like a remodel or a rental unit. It’s that easy!

It’s our pleasure to help local investors grow their business by giving them a chance to buy homes that aren’t even on the market yet.

Of course, if you have any questions about this opportunity, feel free to shoot me an email as well. I look forward to speaking with you.