Get ahead of the competition with the help of our newly funded Secure First Program.

Our exclusive Secure First Program now has more funds available for you! You may have heard me talk about the Secure First Program before, but let me reintroduce it. It’s an Amy Wengerd Group exclusive program that we brainstormed many years ago and many of our clients have benefited from.

This program is designed for people who want to sell their current house before buying a new one. There are many reasons for being in this situation. Maybe you need the equity in your home for the down payment on the new house, or you want the security of having a place to stay before your current house sells.

“This program is designed for people who want to sell their current house before buying a new one. ”

This is a challenging situation to be in. Imagine finding the perfect house for you and your family, ready to make an offer on the condition that it’s going to be contingent on your current house’s sale. There are two possible scenarios you might be in before you get your money for your dream home: your current house is either not yet on the market or it’s already on the market but doesn’t have an accepted offer. In a low inventory market, you will be competing with other homebuyers who do not have to sell their houses first.

The odds that the home seller will take your home sale contingency offer, especially if they are in a multiple-offer situation, are very slim. It is frustrating to experience that. If you are stuck in this situation, the Secure First Program can help.

Many of our clients have already taken advantage of this program, and now there are more funds available. Reach out to me directly by email at to see if you qualify for it. You can also visit our website, If this makes sense for you, I’d love to talk with you and make your real estate dreams a reality.