I’ve noticed something that indicates a coming market shift.

You’ve heard talk in the real estate community about how it’s a hot seller’s market, how buyers are paying over asking price, how they’re bringing extra cash if there’s an appraisal issue, and how they’re waiving inspections. However, here’s one thing that I’ve noticed that might be an indication that the market is starting to shift: We’ve had five deals that were turned in within the past 10 days that were between $7,000 and $39,750 under asking price.

It’s clear that there are still great deals out there! When we work with buyers, we prefer to have them come into the office so we can have an in-depth consultation to learn about exactly what they’re looking for.

Then we scour the market. We have listings that aren’t even on the market and plenty of strategies to make sure that our buyers’ offers will be accepted. We save them money and get them the best possible price and terms.

If you’re thinking about entering the real estate market and purchasing a home, please reach out. We’d love to meet with you and have a consultation to show you exactly how we do things differently to help you reach your real estate goals.