We have options to help both FSBO sellers and buyers looking at FSBO homes.

We’ve seen a lot more for-sale-by-owner homes, or FSBOs, in our market lately. We have also heard many horror stories about what these FSBO sellers are going through. It’s tempting to navigate real estate by yourself. It’s a seller’s market, so it should be easy, right? That’s not always the case; there are a lot of pitfalls and obstacles even with contracts between professionals, let alone when you do it by yourself. That’s why we’re here to help.

For buyers, we can represent you in a FSBO sale. We can work with the homeowners, negotiate the commission, and work it all out so that you have representation. The seller can still represent themselves in the transaction too.

“We can be flexible with FSBO buyers and sellers.”

We have options for sellers, too. We can offer a free open house where one of our buyer agents will hold your house open, and if they secure a buyer, they will represent that buyer. You can still represent yourself. 

We also provide discounted professional photography and a free front picture of your house. We can even give you the state-required forms if you need them. Our team of 14 buyer agents would love to take a tour of your home and see if they have any buyers who would be interested. 

We understand the temptation of listing FSBO, and we can be flexible with you. We want to be a resource for you, and we want to help out buyer clients if they are interested in a FSBO home. If you are interested in our resources, want to buy a for-sale-by-owner home, or have any other questions, feel free to call or email me or my team. We would love to help you however we can.