Our free market update lets you know how much your home is worth.

The most common question I receive is about the current state of the market. Everyone is curious and eager to know about home values, inventory, interest rates, and whether it’s the right time to make a move. If you’re wondering about the same thing, you should know that here at the Amy Wengerd Group, we offer market updates for your home as a free service.

A current market update involves various aspects, including refinancing your home or getting it appraised. Some appraisers may not even need to enter your home, which can work to your advantage or disadvantage. It’s crucial to have a local expert who understands the market, works with buyers, and knows their preferences.

To accurately determine the value of your home, it’s essential to have someone who personally evaluates your property. With our free consultation, we can assess your property, consider any updates or improvements you’ve made, and provide you with the current market value. We also have other options available including assistance in finding your next home and addressing concerns about interest rates.

“It’s essential to have someone who personally evaluates your property.”

Currently, one popular option for buyers is the buydown program. We can request the homeowner of the property you’re purchasing to buy down the interest rate, which won’t cost you anything. Ultimately, it allows you to enjoy a lower interest rate for one to three years, similar to what you might already have on your mortgage.

Call or email me, and I’ll provide you with an accurate update on your current market value. I’ll also explain all the options available to you if you’re considering making a move. I’m here to take care of your real estate needs.