Transform the winter downtime into home sale readiness for your 2024.

Guess what? It’s already February, so here’s my yearly nudge for those of you thinking about selling your home in 2024: Let’s chat. Ohio winters tend to keep us indoors, making it the perfect time to start prepping your home for a sale later this year.

Winter is the golden window for home sellers in Ohio. It’s the ideal season to get your house in tip-top shape for the bustling spring market. We’re here to offer a helping hand, free of charge and with zero obligations. Let us walk through your home with you, pointing out what needs attention and what doesn’t to maximize your home’s value. 

You might think, “It’s only February, relax!” But let me tell you, before you know it, the spring market is upon us. If you wait until April or May to start making repairs and updates, you’re looking at listing your home smack in the middle of the summer vacation season. And suddenly, it’s August, school’s about to start again, and you’re no closer to selling your home or finding a new one.

“Consider this your friendly nudge in February 2024.”

Most people aim to settle into their new homes before the next school year or season kicks off, especially those with school-aged children. If you’re eyeing a move this year, reaching out to us sooner rather than later can save you a world of stress. Sure, if a fall or winter move suits you better, we’re here for that too—yes, even on December 24!

So, consider this your friendly nudge in February 2024. If selling your home is on your to-do list this year, let’s start the conversation early. We’re ready to help you achieve your home-selling (and buying) goals for 2024. Don’t hesitate to give us a call, whether you’re aiming for a spring listing or considering a later move. Let’s make this year your best real estate year yet!