Here’s why you need someone in your corner with foresight and honesty.

Here at the Amy Wengerd Group, we want to give you sound professional advice on your largest investment. It’s a big deal, and we don’t take it lightly. Here’s an example: 

Recently, I was showing a house to a couple who wanted to make an offer on it. Based on what other homes in that area had sold for, and given the fact that the school district and neighborhood were particularly popular, fast-growing areas, I’m sure that my buyers would have encountered a multiple-offer situation. 

“When you’re buying a house, you need solid advice that transcends the market of the moment.”

After reviewing the comparable properties and talking on the phone several times, we realized that it wouldn’t be in their best interest to purchase that particular property. The main reason is that the couple was intent on pouring an additional $50,000 into the home for improvements, which by itself is not an issue—there’s nothing wrong with wanting to make a house a home. However, since we’re in a hot seller’s market and this property was already priced very high, that additional $50,000 investment would wreck any hopes of selling for a return in the future. If they were to sell in the next few years, they’d have to price their home way out of the market. 

When you’re buying a house, you need solid advice that transcends the market of the moment. You need somebody who will go to bat for you and speak the truth, even if it’s not what you want to hear. A good investment is one that remains solid two to three years down the road when the market conditions could look completely different. 

If you’re currently in the home-buying process or just starting to think about a purchase, we’d be honored to help you. We’re here to make sure you’ll get into a house that’s not only good for your present situation but your future interests as well. Call us today to get peace of mind on this all-important investment; we’d be more than happy to chat with you about your specific situation.