I’m sharing what our interest rate predictions could do for you in 2020.


Hello Northeast Ohio! Most of you likely haven’t heard the interest rate predictions for this year. Analysts are saying they could drop as low as 3.4%! What does that mean for you as a homebuyer? 

I’ll give you a few examples, and each one assumes. In the following examples, payment assumes that the analysts’ predictions of a possible 3.4% interest rate this year come true. Also, this is with an FHA loan and a 3.5% down payment. 

“Analysts are saying interest rates could drop as low as 3.4%!”

On a $100,000 house, your payment would be roughly $675. On a loan of $150,000, your payment could run about $995. On a $200,000 loan, you’re looking at $1,290 for a payment. These are some incredibly affordable payments to either help you own your first home or to downsize. 

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