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Is the Fast Forward program the best option for your own selling goals? It just might be if:  As many of you know, The Amy Wengerd Group unveiled our Fast Forward program for home sellers earlier this year. We’re excited to report that it’s been a resounding success as we’ve been able to serve so many of our clients with it already. In fact, we just closed on a client’s house today! 

1. You want to skip the traditional sale process. 

2. You prefer to have an immediate sale. 

3. You prioritize time over your home’s sale price. 

4. You don’t want to list your home online or have people walk through it. 

If you’re interested in pursuing one of these selling options, we’d be happy to have one of our listing specialists meet with you and go more in depth about what this program entails. If you like what you hear, we’ll make an offer on your home within 72 hours of our initial meeting. It’s that simple: no hassle, no showings, no waiting for a buyer to come along. 

“It’s that simple: no hassle, no showings, no waiting for a buyer to come along.”

If you’d like to sell your home the traditional way, we can help with that too and we promise equally amazing results. 

If you have any questions or would like more information, please reach out to us today so we can find out which method is most appropriate for your situation. We look forward to hearing from you!