If you are hesitant to put your home on the market because you’re afraid it will sell before you have found a new home to move into, you’re not alone.

We’ve been in a seller’s market for several years, so this is a common issue. Oftentimes, we list homes that are sold the very same day. This is great news for our seller clients because it means they are getting top dollar. However, it can also be stressful because they may not have anywhere to go.  

If your home does sell too quickly, there are four solutions that can help you.

First, you can negotiate extra possession time in the home with the new buyer. In this scenario, you would pay rent to the buyer to stay in the home after it’s sold long enough for you to find a new home. If this is an option for the new buyer, it can be a great option for you because it prevents you from having to move twice.

There are many available properties out there that are vacant, so you can also close on one of those homes and move right in after you sell your current home.

“We handle this situation on a case-by-case basis and come up with the best possible solution for our seller’s needs.”

If you only need a few weeks to find and close on a new home, you can stay in a hotel and store your things in a storage unit. We have discounts for short-term hotel stays and short-term storage use that all of our sellers can take advantage of. We have negotiated special terms with local hotels that can accommodate our sellers’ needs, plus additional discounts for storage units and moving companies.

Lastly, you can stay in a rental property. We have a property manager in our office who manages hundreds of homes for rent at any given time. Some of these homes are available for a short-term rent, which gives our sellers time to find the perfect home to buy without feeling pressured.

The bottom line is we handle this situation on a case-by-case basis and come up with the best possible solution for our seller’s needs.

If you’re thinking of selling but this concern has kept you from following through, give us a call so we can find the best possible solution for you. If you have any other real estate needs, feel free to reach out to us as well. We’d be happy to speak with you.